Digitising Interfaces



 The FoxiLogic platform from MCORP Communications allowed us to scale our network rapidly, systematically and cost-effectively. Their fully integrated network management environment provides us with a powerful solution to streamline a multitude of processes and optimise overall operational efficiency. MCORP Communications has proven to be an indispensable partner to Sigfox South Africa in providing our world-class national network service.   

Executive: Network Operations, Sigfox South Africa

 Working with FoxiLogic helps us to better focus on the business part of the networks. This is thanks to both the near real time Unified Dashboard and the experience of the team. We are informed in case of issues - especially with devices at risk which allows us to: - make better decisions and react with speed - no overspend but just enough in the 0G way; - change the focus from setting up the network to increasing the reliability of the system as a whole; and - allowing us to have a small monitoring team. I would like to add that this is a partnership relationship - which brings even more value to the service we are receiving.   

CTO for ENERGO, Sigfox Russia, Lithuania & Latvia


Key Features and Benefits


  • Digitized interfaces
  • Noise reduction
  • Real-time alerting
  • Customer-centric SLA management
  • Remote Fix automation
  • Outage management
  • Unified dashboard


  • Save analysis time – quicker to dispatch
  • Save OPEX – be more operationally efficient, accelerating RCA and avoiding unnecessary dispatches
  • Improved MTTR performance – informed dispatches and robotic automation of remote fixes
  • Increased network reliability – proactive network interventions (fluttering analysis)
  • Be more customer-centric – dynamic restoration prioritization
  • Optimise field engineer utilisation – automated dispatch based on correlated data


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